March 28, 2021

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Book Review: How To Start Your Own House Cleaning Company

Book Review: How To Start Your Own House Cleaning Company

Here’s a book I found I really like. It’s



Here’s a book I found I really like. It’s called How to start your own house cleaning company go from start-up to Payday in one week. The author is Angela Brown the house cleaning Guru I really like this book because it tells anyone how they can start their own business from scratch in really simple steps here’s an excerpt from the book: Naming your company

Should I have a company name or should I use my own name? What name do you use for your business is entirely up to you but it comes down to how your business is structured and how you intend to pay your taxes

Your company name is part of your brand and as you grow your business you may want to add a company name to your marketing efforts. This is not something you have to do today.

This will become necessary as you create a web page and do advertising (if you ever need to- this program will show you how to simply run Flyers for two weeks and then work off of referrals for the rest of your career. So advertising is a non-issue for now.)

As a small startup one man or woman show, it is advisable to use your personal name

This Way when you are paid, the money will go into your personal or small business checking account and you will file your personal taxes either single or jointly with your partner / spouse.

This keeps the taxes part super simple because you are not registering a company name, and then paying yourself as an employee, and then paying a self employment tax.

When you add a company name to your worksheets and your Flyers if you want. My company name is lifelong. It is on my flyers and my worksheets. I’ve never had a lifelong website,, or phone book advertising, Angie’s List advertising, or Yelp www. or Yext https// www.Yext .com/Pages advertising for my house cleaning business.

I’m Angela Brown oberer- I go by Angela Brown princess (Brown is my maiden name) for my house cleaning company because Angela Brown is an easy name to remember and if people remember your name, and can pronounce it easily, they can refer you to their friends. It’s an easy name for their friends to remember as well.

Do you have a name that is easy to remember?

Think of this scenario: Megan and Ken are neighbors, are standing at the school bus stop waiting for their kids, and they start talking about their day. Ken, a stay-at-home dad has been cleaning his house all day and it’s pooped. He really needs a house cleaner to help out. Megan, a Savvy woman who works from home and has a house cleaner she highly recommends, but doesn’t have the house cleaners contact information with her.


“You should call my house cleaner, her name is Angela Oberer.”While Megan remembers the difficult name, Ken does not. Not sure he heard it correctly, Obgur? Oberay? Oburrer? Ober? Obrer? Oberger?

………And the referral never goes through.