March 28, 2021

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DIY Carpet Cleaning

DIY carpet cleaning.

DIY carpet cleaning.

When vacuuming isn’t enough here’s a step-by-step guide to removing tricky stains. You can try to prevent stains in the first place but unfortunately spills such as wine and coffee and even muddy Footprints are just a part of life. You can try things like buying stain resistant carpet for asking guests to take their shoes off but the best defense is knowing how to get rid of them before they even happen.

Vacuuming on a regular basis can keep your carpet from looking dirty. The simple fact is even the best vacuum can’t handle tough stains. Whatever problem you’re having, someone has a chemical solution or a product that can at the very least make the carpet look clean again.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to remove most common household carpet stains

1. get yourself to empty spray bottles in one of the bottles Zorba’s warm water the other bottle Place 1/4 cup dish soap

2. Get an absorbent cloth and spray it with dish soap. Be careful not to get too wet, now dab on the stain as stain lessons continue to blight ITIL stands gone.

3. now with the cold water spray the other cloth. use this cloth to remove detergent from carpet. then blunt with dry cloth

4. Now get some paper towels and place them on a wet spot. Place something heavy on top of the paper towels such as a kitchen pot let stand overnight. the next morning run your fingers through the fibers to fluff it up some allowed to air-dry

How to get pet stains out of carpet

We all love our furry four-legged friends but sometimes they can have accidents and those accidents can leave stains. Using a carpet cleaner with enzymes that also destroys odor-causing bacteria is an effective way to remove pet stains. spray the carpet cleaning solution on the stain and using a damp cloth rub the solution into the carpet. using a second damp cloth, clean the area and cover with the same cloth for at least 12 hours.

Getting red wine stains out of carpets

When wine is spilled on the carpet the easiest is to blot as much of the wine as possible with an absorbent cloth. Using a product called wine away saturate the stain and let sit for 5 minutes. why the area until stain is gone.


Removing coffee stains from carpet

Most households in America drink coffee and this is a common stain regardless of the color of your carpet. First try to soak up as much coffee as you can. Now mix 2 cups of warm water 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of liquid dish soap . Now you’ll need two clean cloths both White. using one cloth and the solution Deb the solution into the stain and use a dry cloth blot excess until the stain is gone. using small amounts of solution at a time and blotting frequently will help remove the stain.


The above methods are great for removing common stains but sometimes we have a really tough stain in that case it’s best to call a professional. give us a call for a quote today.

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