March 28, 2021

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Carpet Cleaning

DIY Carpet Cleaning – Is It Worth it

I think that there is one thing I am asked by people that I meet when they find out I own a Carpet Cleaning Business. Why would I pay someone to come and do something that I can do myself? Most people do not really want to know the answer they think I will Just rent a machine.

I try to explain why it is better to have a professional do the Carpet Cleaning. I try to break down the cost of everything involved but that can get long and complicated. S Let’s go through the process and the cost Of doing your own Carpet Cleaning

Getting Ready

OK so you have decided that the carpets need cleaning so what’s next. First thing you have to do is Locate somewhere that still has carpet Cleaning Machines for rent so it’s off to Google.

Now you search in Google and you find your Local Kroger or Home Depot carries Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines. Rental for the day is $50.00 per day depending on where you live. Wait that’s not all you will need.

Next you will need Carpet Cleaning Solution. Cost about $20.00 for 48oz, again depending on where you live. But wait there’s more. Next you will need Stain remover. Cost for Stain Remover about $25.00 and that’s not all.

You will want Deodorizer. Cost about $10.00 for a 16oz bottle

Next up in the Defoaming Solution. This is so that the Cleaning Solution does not cause a lot of foam and hinder the cleaning. Cost $15.00, but there is one more thing to factor in to this equation.

Your time. What is your time worth. Let’s say you earn $18.00 per hour. The average time to clean an average home carpets Living Room, Hallway and Let’s say 1 Bedroom is about 4 -5 hours and 1 hour transporting Machine From the Store and back again. Now let’s add up the cost

Cost to DIY

Rental $50.00

Cleaning Solution $20.00

Stain Remover $25.00

Odor Remover $10.00

Defoamer $15.00

Your Time 4 hrs. $72.00

Total $192.00

Getting To Work

OK you have the Machine and all the Chemicals you need to do the job it’s time to get to work. For the next 4 hours you spend your day off Carpet Cleaning. You fill the tank with water add the proper amount of each chemicals and away you go.

Things are going along great until you run out of water. Now you have to stop and repeat the Filling process again. Fill with water add chemicals Clean Carpet and repeat a few more times until the Living Room is done.

On to the Bedroom and you repeat The fill process again two or three more times until the Bedroom is finished and you move to the Hallway repeating the previous process one or two more times.

And Let’s not forgetting all the times you have to empty the dirty water. Now it’s time to take the machine back to the Store. First you make sure the Machine is empty and you have cleaned it up and now it’s ready to go back.

You load the Machine into the car and haul it back to the store that you picked it up from. I can guarantee by now you have spent more than 4 hours of your precious day off working buy by George you got the job done and you did not have to pay someone to come and do it for you.


Now that the job of Carpet Cleaning is done and you see what it really cost you $192.00 plus one of your precious few days off. Yep You did it and you did’nt have to pay someone to do it, But was it really worth it

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