February 8, 2021

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That was then

That Was Then

Carpet Cleaning : That Was Then This is Now

I Grew up in the hills of southern Ohio and northern West Virginia. I spent almost every summer with my Great Grand Mother, That is where the mountains come in .

In those days we would be outside playing all day, running in and out, tracking who knows what through the house. I cant think of a time when Granny got angry or even upset about us tracking through the house.

Every Saturday like clock work Granny would move the furniture, really she had us move it, Gather up the area rugs drag them outside toss them over the clothes lines and then she would start to beat the rugs. Dust would fly everywhere until there was no more dust coming from the rug. Then she would repeat this process until all of the rugs had been thoroughly beaten.

I asked my Granny one day what she was going. She explained that she was beating the carpets to get the dirt out that the vacuum could not get. I guess that was old school carpet cleaning.

Believe it or not she would use the same method for Upholstery Cleaning. Serious she would use a rolled up towel and beat the furniture until she deemed it to be clean???  I never really understood that but thinking back I guess it made sense to her.

40 some years ago the Residential Carpet Cleaning industry was a lot smaller and pretty much reserved for the upper middle class. The ordinary household just did not have the money to afford a luxury like paying someone to come and do Carpet Cleaning.

That was Then This is Now. Today things are soooooo much different. With the advancement of technology and the miniaturization of components along with the demand increase, manufacturers have made things like the Vacuum cleaner smaller lighter and more affordable to the average American Home.

The Vacuum Cleaner along with many other electronic appliances saw a dramatic increase in sales following WWII. The Demand continued to grow throughout the 70s and 80s .  Soon The Vacuum Cleaner was a staple in almost every American Home.

No longer was it acceptable for the average American to hang their rugs on cloths lines and beat them. Americans wanted and demanded Convenience and ease of Household chores. Having the carpets professionally cleaned was no longer reserved to the Upper Middle Class.

Carpet Cleaning Companies began ti spring to in almost every town and the more the competition grew the more the price came down making Carpet Cleaning Services affordable to the average American Family.

We now know that Vacuuming is not enough we also need to have our Carpets Cleaned on a regular basis to stop the spread of germs, viruses and bacterial infections. But is just Cleaning the Carpets enough. The answer is no it is not enough. Along with Carpet cleaning we also should have the carpets disinfected.

There was an old cigarette commercial and it stated we’ve come a long way baby, that also applies to almost every aspect of Home Cleaning. We live in a different world than the one our grandparents lived in. Lets all join the fight together and  together we will win.